5 People Killed By A Lone White Gunman In Annapolis, MD

How thinga can go from zero to 100 real quick!! This afternoon, news of a lone gunman walking at the Capital Gazette media center in Annapolis and mercilessly killing 5 people and injuring others has invaded all media channels here in the USA. The gunman was arrested and is in custody. News report say he is "White" and had a long gun.  He had messed up his fingertips so that he cannot be identified via his prints. 

Annapolis Shooting.

Twitter is flooded with testimonies from those who survived this ordeal. Pathetic that the likes of Sean Hannity is already spewing hate, saying Rep. Maxine Waters is responsible for the shooting while others sharply criticized the President's rhetoric of "FAKE NEWS" as the cause.

Trump already twitted his condolences. Am on the road and will update this story once I settle. Too bad this has become the new "Normal" in America! 

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