A Kenyan Involved In The Dubai 140 Million Shillings Heist Arrested In Ruai

When this story popped up on social media few months that Kenyans had been involved in a Bank heist in Dubai, I thought it was "fake news" *inserts Trump's voice*. Then yesterday am going through my twitter feeds and a press report documenting the story showed up, and I became attentive.

It turns out that 3 Kenyans were involved and marked as "wanted" in UAE. Intelligence officials were on track and finally made one arrest. The first villain is named "REBECCA" but now come's the best part: they arrested her at her new lavish home in Ruai with 13 Million Kenya shillings in cash!! Don't people watch CIA or action movies? lol. When you steal such amount of cash..........burry it deep in the ocean somewhere or in a cave in Guatemala. Bure kabisa!!!!!

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