Irene Wairimu Is Held Hostage In Iraq As Her Family In Kenya Cries For Help

Like any other Kenyan looking for opportunities in the Diaspora, Anne Wairimu Mwangi left Kenya 2 months and headed to Iraq to work as a domestic worker. Upon arrival, she was assigned to work in different houses but according to her Sister Nelly who brought this story to my attention, Wairimu was not receiving any payments. That raised some red flags but the worse was yet to come.

Before her departure to Iraq, Wairimu had high sugar levels. In Iraq, due to poor diet, her condition worsened and when she was taken to the hospital, she was diagnosed with Diabetes. This was confirmed last week Thursday. Ann Wairimu was taken back to the agent's office where she was left with some men who wanted to abuse her sexually!


She told the agency she would rather go back to Kenya for treatment and complained of the unfair harassment from the folks in the office of which the agency responded: "You must pay 400,000Kshs to be released." The family back in Kenya contacted the agency in Iraq and tried to plead with them of which they responded "Irene is not sick" and hung up the phone. They are not picking the family's calls and since Friday last week, Wairimu's phone is off!

I have dealt with these cases since 2015 and it's a non-ending nightmare! One thing I have learned though is a: Don't judge why these Kenyan ladies go to these countries and b: Our voices are powerful. I humbly appeal to everyone reading this story to share it widely. Also, I appeal to Mr. Washington Oloo who is the head of the Foreign Affairs office in Nairobi to be ready to meet up with the family and open up this case. The agency in Iraq and the folks who organized the paperwork in Kenya need to be confronted. In simple English.........Ann Wairimu Mwangi needs to be released with immediate effect!!!

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