Don't Just Blame Trump, Americans Both White And Black Refer To Africa As "Shithole"

Yesterday was another "Trump Day" on American TV due to his controversial remarks about Africa and Haiti. I blogged my thoughts, did a livestream show on my Facebook page and we had people on both side of the aisle i.e some who agreed "Trump was right Africa is a shithole due to corruption, a fraudulent judiciary system, unemployment etc" while others strictly criticized his remarks and called him explicit names.

I then let the discussion sink in me a little and while I was driving on the highway listening to my favorite Washington hip-hop station, another moment of epiphany hit me. Hypocrisy is a "bleep" and the time I've lived in this country, racial slurs towards immigrants are exchanged daily like stocks on Wall Street. Pause: am talking about Africans being racially discriminated not only by white Americans but also *hold your breath* black Americans!!!

I will specifically focus on the latter i.e African-American On Africans form of racism which barely nobody speaks about but the reality is, it exists!!! I've come across many African-Americans who totally disregard Africa as their origin. They are allergic to the hereditary fact,! The best cases are especially those who have never ever traveled outside this country (or their own State), know Africa only from the crap they watch on television. Am talking about the likes of those who think we speak "African" in "Africa or Zebras and Elephants are our modern form of transportation. To others, Africa has no internet and waow, we don't even have WIFI!!! Ignorance is a bliss, I've laughed about them all.

Back to Trump: he called Africa a shithole. You know one thing about Trump that I like? He speaks out loud what others whisper under their coffee tables and yet many still wonder how became President!! All am saying is very simple: don't just blame Trump!!

Do you agree with my thoughts? Am open for a debate!!!

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