Hate Him Or Love Him, Kanye West Is Making "America Talk Again"

You gotta give it to him! You have to. As I hit these keys on my laptop, entire America (black or white) is debating about "Black Identity" after Kanye West made that controversial statement that "slavery was a choice."

I have done my due diligence and after watching his entire interview with Charlamagne The God and his infamous TMZ newsroom session, I clearly understand his thoughts. Ye is referring to "mental slavery", the "psychological slavery." Yes, he understands that Africans being shackled was not a "free choice" as he wrote on his twitter account (something he later deleted), but what Ye is simply saying is "you have a choice to remain a slave or not. It's a personal choice!".

For example: in his interview with Charlamagne The God he revealed why he walked out of the Nike deal. Despite the success of the "Yeezy" sneaker collection, Nikey refused to give him royalties. What did he do? He walked out! This state of slavery is based on economics. Can I call it "economic slavery?". He wanted to build generational wealth. Ye made a choice.

The more I dug into his interview, the more I understood him. He has a message. Between those lines, there is some hidden truth. Yesterday I randomly asked a black man I met "how do you feel about the Yeezy comments on slavery" and the brother did not hold back with the name calling. I was patient and started clarifying few things. At the end of our conversation, he uttered the words "Nelson, am glad we had this discussion."

To conclude it all, how did slavery even start? 2011 I was on tour in Dakar and I visited the Gome Island, the spot where slaves were traded. It was emotional seeing what my dear Africans went through but one thing is for sure....the genesis of slavery was "black men selling other black men to the whites!". They saw the money, they got greedy! So just like YE I can say "They had a choice to say "NO!!!!!". Listen to the new Kanye West & T.I  track below. Maybe it will help you understand Ye better.

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