"He Slapped Me With His Penis", Woman Accuses Actor/Musician Jamie Foxx

The list of famous African-American celebrities facing the merciless punishment of the #metoo movement just keeps on growing. Yesterday we got another surprise that actor Jamie Foxx is facing accusations from a woman who say's she was "sexually abused" by Foxx back in 2002. "Wait, what? 2002?." 

With the case now already under the scrutiny of the American authorities, Foxx is facing a "sex crime." The woman allegations say that Jamie wanted her to conduct oral sex on him which she refused. That's when according to the report "Jamie slapped her in the face with his penis." Mr. Foxx has denied the accusations and since this case has expired it's legal relevance due to the statue of limitations, the woman say's she was inspired by the #metoo movement to come out after 16 years and speak out.


Let's see how all this plays out but several black celebrities have come out to the defense of Mr. Foxx including rapper Bow Wow who posted a video saying "it's time our women looked for a legit job instead of going for a cheap check, intentionally targetting famous people."

Another famous Hollywood actor/icon has also been accused of a sex crime. Sylvester Stallone has received a lawsuit of sexual abuse, his attorney has denied the allegations. Will keep you guys updated.

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