Hollywood Icon Morgan Freeman Accused Of Sexual Misbehavior By 8 Women

I spent hours yesterday researching on this story. When I received a CNN notification on my mobile phone that the legendary Morgan Freeman had been accused by 8 women for sexual misbehavior, I got agitated and took my frustrations to my Facebook page.

According to the CNN investigation report, 18 women were interviewed and detailed how Morgan Freeman "sexually abused" them during interviews, on movie sets and at his place of work. Some mentioned that Morgan asked them questions like "are you wearing any underwear under your skirt?" which made them feel uncomfortable. There are reports of "massage requests" by Freeman which made these women feel uncomfortable. The list goes on and on.

Morgan has stepped forward and offered a public apology saying "his intention was not to make anyone uncomfortable." Let's see where this breaking story heads to but I see his endorsements being canceled, protests against his behavior expressed in public, Hollywood actors/actresses expressing their views on the subject. Fact is, this #metoo movement is wiping everybody out. Please, can we have a "Black icon" in America whose legacy will not go down as a "rapist" or "women abuser." Can we?!!!

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