K-Nel Classic Hit "Mi Negro Lindo" To Be Featured In A Movie As Main Soundtrack

Last week I shared the good news with my fans on Social Media that my classic hit "Mi Negro Lindo" ft Raquel (who hails from Venezuela), a song that I recorded 10 years ago, has been selected as a soundtrack for an international film titled "Toren".

The 2 Main Protagonists featured in the Film

"Toren" is a high-quality production film directed by Nawzad Shekhany who is based in Germany. The film narrates the story of the Ezidi people who have been persecuted throughout history, the hereditary heir to the civilization of Mesopotamia, which has suffered scourge and committed dozens of genocide campaigns to obliterate its deep-rooted identity. The film talks about love and peace, about the human affiliation and peaceful coexistence between people, the philosophy of loss and deprivation, the clash between civilizations and religions, the philosophy of the struggle between death and life and a struggle of survival.

K-Nel song featured as a soundtrack in an international film

This film was shot in Iraq and Georgia and will be presented at the Caines Film Festival in Paris this year before it's launched globally. "Mi Negro Lindo" is a song that was produced by Enno Kremser, recorded at Fern Music Studios in Cologne,Germany and how can I forget to honor my mentor Nadim Tabikha who I remember telling me right after I walked out of the studio "K-Nel, this song is an evergreen!". The director went for the "Original version" of the record that was not featured on my 1st studio album "Voice Of Kenya". Here we are, 10 years later!!!

K-Nel "Mi Negro Lindo" Music Video (Video Version Of The Song)

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