Kanye West Causes Twitter Frenzy "I Love Donald Trump", Kim Kardashian Goes Nude!

What a day on twitter folks:) One thing I give Kanye credit for is that he knows how to press buttons and get the masses going wild. Today as I was going through my twitter feeds, I quickly noted, YE aka YEEZUS was trending all over and all for one simple reason: he tweeted not only his love for Trump but also a picture wearing the President "Make America Great Again" red cap signed by the President himself with the famous caption #MAGA.

The masses went nuts and twitter was flooded with insults, others calling YE a "sell out" while others supported his choice. Wait: did he lose 9 million twitter followers within 10 minutes after revealing that tweet? Kim Kardashian stepped in to support his husband saying "My husband is a Free Thinker. Isn't this what America is all about?". She then blessed us on Instagram by going nude to release her new fragrance. Waow, talk about "smart marketing."

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Donald Trump went ahead to retweet Ye's support then tagged him on a new post. On the other end of Instagram, he posted the picture of Ye's tweet with the hand-signed cap. Love him or hate him, Kanye West had the world talking and personally, I cannot wait for Nas & Pusha-T albums to drop both produced by Ye himself........especially NAS!

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