Kenyans Tragedy In Lebanon - A Sick Mother & Her Missing Daughter, Where Is Wanja?

It all started this past Friday. I received a message from Carol who told me about the sad death of a Kenyan domestic worker in Lebanon named Tabitha Muthoni who was killed in a road accident. You all know that the Kenyan government does not foot any bills that amount from transporting dead bodies back home. In Muthoni's case, half a million Kenya shillings is needed. That was late on Friday night so I decided to do a Livestream show on Saturday.

Tabitha Muthoni Who Died In A Road Accident In Lebanon

Around 3p.m Eastern time on Saturday, as I was running my errands at the mall, I pulled out my phone and started Livestreaming on Facebook, giving details about Tabitha Muthoni and as usual requested the viewers to share the video which they thankfully did. 8 Minutes of livestreaming, the video had been viewed 1,400 times with 57 shares. "Great, we on a mission here", I thought. I ended the livestream session and soon as I placed my gadget in my pocket, I started receiving these alert messages: not 1! I mean 1,2,3,5,7,10,13,16 and they kept coming. I checked my phone and one name kept popping up "Margret Wanja Wanjohi". Who is Margret Wanja Wanjohi? "K-Nel, our sister Margret Wanja Wanjohi has been missing since 2015" one message read. The name "Margret Wanja Wanjohi" kept appearing in the livestream comments section, in my message inbox plus I even received whatsapp text messages.


Margret Wanja Wanjohi, Our Dear Kenyan Sister Missing In Lebanon Since 2015

I was attending the Jay-Z & Beyonce "On The Run 2 Tour" concert that Saturday. I arrived at the stadium pretty early and with the concert scheduled to kick-off at 9p.m, I had a good 90 minutes to study Wanja's case. Right there and there I made up my mind we needed to get to the bottom of this case! How can a young Kenyan lady working in Lebanon just disappear in thin air? Here are quick bullet points about Wanja:

1: She hails from Nyeri.

2: She went to Lebanon as a domestic worker back in 2015.

3: Her Family reported her as "Missing" back in April this year.

4: Wanja's case was posted in several Facebook groups including the likes of Kilimani Mums and Kenyans In Gulf Rocks.

Then what? Her case hit a cold rock! There were no leads to her whereabouts. Then something very alarming was brought to my attention which raised a red flag i.e "Inside the morgue where Tabitha Muthoni's body was held, there was another body of a black female of African descent which has been lying there since 2015." When I received that lead, I literally lost it!!! I, therefore, decided to hold a second Livestream session yesterday. Right away, more facts about Wanja's case started tricking in and to my sudden surprise, during the Livestream session it was reported in real time that a 2nd Kenyan lady named Yvonne was missing in Lebanon!! "What??" I yelled during the show! "A 2nd missing Kenyan?!!" Kindly watch the livestream below if you missed it which has been now shared nearly over 110 times. Continue to share for I will be back with part 2 of this article! I have received more stories from families saying their children are missing in Lebanon, others talking of sexual abuse and torture. Download my Free APP for instant text updates on your phone of any critical cases am working on currently by clicking here:

The Margret Wanja Wanjohi Facebook Livestream Show


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