Postmortem Results Of The 27 Year Old Kenyan Lady Who Was Murdered In Germany Are Revealed

It's 4.17a.m here in the East Coast and I had to get this blog published before I rest. Sad and still in total denial, it's a nightmare writing this report! It sounds surreal saying "Carrie Jones is dead". No way!!! She is not, nimekataa walai!!!

The German homicide unit has released the first postmortem results which clearly indicate that Carrie suffered serious head injuries. It's still not clear who killed our sister/friend and the police are searching for clues and eyewitnesses. Whether money or any items were stolen from their Kiosk is also not clear. The police are pleading any eyewitnesses who could have seen Carrie before she was murdered to please call 0201/829-0.

The Kiosk where Carrie Jones was found dead. 

According to the police report, neither her official husband (who they were living separately) or her current boyfriend are yet considered "suspects". 

We all remain hopeful that the killers will soon be found and brought to justice. I will send instant mobile updates using the Crypto Fashion World APP which you can download here:

Why? Why did they do this to her? Why?!!

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