President Trump "SHITHOLE" Remarks About Africa & Haiti Draws Global Critic

I just finished running a livestream show on my facebook page at addressing this subject. Honestly speaking, the Trump presidency is something like a reality show. The past 30 months, I've seen it all, heard it all and every new day in American politics blesses us with a "jaw-dropping" moment!

Today, Trump is yet again trending for all the wrong reasons. At a bipartisan meeting to discuss DACA (a program to protect the dreamers act that was put in place by Obama), Trump quote and quote described "Haiti" and "Africa" as "SHITHOLE COUNTRIES". He went on to ask why doesn't America welcome immigrants from countries like "Norway." Waow!!

This is a rhetoric that Trump has expressed over and over again. He started with the Mexicans during calling them "rapists" and "drug dealers" on his campaign, he was the godfather of the Obama birther movement and up to this day, he has made negative remarks about immigrants in this country. can I forget the constant attack on muslims?

This toxic rhetoric resonates with his base. They applaud him for it. His remarks about Africa and Haiti have drawn global critic: The United Nations called it "straight racist". The African Union has released a statement, Botswana has summoned the American Ambassador and this will definitely have a domino effect within the next hours.

Ironically, today Trump honored the great legend Martin Luther King Jnr. Right after finishing  his televised conference, he was directly confronted by eager journalists who did not hesitate to question Trump "are you a racist?" before he fled the room, no question answered. Shortly afterward, King's nephew said quote and quote "he is not a typical racist but racially ignorant", not a positive comment either! By the way, the USA Ambassador to Panama has just resigned due to differences with President Trump!

I will keep you posted. Watch my Facebook livestream show below and watch how it all went.



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