After Accusations Of Sexual Abuse, R. Kelly Replies With A 19 Minutes Song!

It's 1.15a.m and just as I was getting ready to call it a day, this bombshell drops on my phone! After years and years of accusations of having SEX with underage girls (since Aaliyah as far as I can remember) which we term to as "paedophile", after recent accusations that he ran a human trafficking ring, kidnapping young girls and turning them into SEX SLAVES, R.Kelly has replied to his critics with a 19 minutes song!! Yes, a whole 19 minutes!!! Kellz has not left anything out. Lawwwd, I need to go to sleep but here I am analyzing a 19 minutes song:-)

I will not be the one to judge here but one thing I know is..........some people will be making new babies to this record lol! Give it to him, dude is a gifted GENIUS!!


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